Hypnotherapy is one of the tools I use to help clients with change. Hypnosis is not something that is done to you.   It is an approach, a technique if you will, to help you to tap into the less than fully conscious resources within yourself.
One of the tenets of hypnotherapy is that you already have within yourself all of the resources and aptitudes that you need to resolve conflicts, find solutions to your problems, and live in serenity, courage and wisdom. During hypnotherapy, we seek to go down into the realm of the unconscious, to access the truths, symbols, mysteries, aptitudes and resources that are there, to invite those parts of the self to come up into the light to nourish and assist us.
In a hypnotherapy session, I will create a safe space where you can explore the subconscious and tap into your formerly unknown and unclaimed resources. Those powerful resources lie dormant within:  dormant, but alive, waiting for you to come and get them.

All of our behavior, including that which we judge to be bad or dysfunctional, has a positive intention behind it. We will speak to that part of you – the positive intention under the behavior that is deemed as problematic, and listen for the good that it is seeking.
I will accompany you as you go down into the subconscious, beneath and beyond the thinking, conscious mind.  There are many ways to do that – meditation, trance, dreaming, running. Grounded in the body, you can go down, and see what comes up.  I will assist you in claiming the experience and the wisdom and integrating that into your life.
I have no agenda for you other than the agenda of your own deepest self. I don’t know in advance what you are going to experience in your life as you embark on this process. My experience has shown me that something new, something brilliant, something unexpected, will emerge which can be claimed by you and integrated beautifully into your life. Through your own experience. Not through talking about it, but through the experience of your being with these hitherto unknown or undervalued parts of yourself.

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