Recovery Coaching

The optimal way to recover from any addiction or from codependency is to break out of one’s isolation and join a 12-step group. However, there are situations where this proves to be extremely difficult. Many hardships can get in the way of recovery, including geographical distance, scheduling demands, concerns about confidentiality (especially among those who are well known in the community) and often, an initially overwhelming sense of shame.

In such instances, recovery coaching can be the way to get a jump start on recovery.

Although there is certainly therapeutic value to recovery coaching, coaching is not psychotherapy per se. While empathic, the approach is much more directive and action oriented than traditional therapeutic modes. The goal is to get you started on a program of recovery, to assist you in beginning to work the steps, and to be available to you throughout the week to help you to keep focused on the goals of staying sober and/or staying free of damaging, codependent ways of being.

Because of the frequency of contact that coaching requires, therapeutic coaching is conducted most effectively over the phone or via Skype several times per week. I will design a program with you that identifies your goals and then makes the best use of time and resources to bring about your success. Ideally, you would meet with me once per week in person or via Skype for 45 minutes and supplement that contact with 2-3 brief calls or Skype sessions during the week.

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